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In August of 2016, the Adolescent SBIRT project published a revised version of the Adolescent SBIRT Learner’s Guide for Instructors, v2.0. The 2.0 version features additional materials, updated sections, and additional resources.

Please note: The Adolescent SBIRT Learner’s Guide for Instructors, v1.1 is current and acceptable for continued instruction on SBIRT with adolescents. The 2.0 version simply includes additional helpful content and materials; the 2.0 version is NOT an extensive update from the 1.1 version.  

Hard-copies of the Adolescent SBIRT Learner’s Guide for Instructors, v2.0 will be printed in the coming months. At this time, v2.0 is only available in the electronic version.

For instructors requesting the 1.1 version of the Learner’s Guide, a 1.1 Supplement is available and includes all of the main updated sections and materials from version 2.0. You may download a free copy of this 1.1 Supplement from the Adolescent SBIRT website and use it to enhance your current curriculum.


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